As it gets warmer, thoughts are turned to spending time out of doors and maximizing the use of your backyard to get the most out of Canada’s short summer season. Outdoor plumbing is a great way to do this, and it can be as decorative and useful as you need. Red Deer Plumb-Pro’s journeyman plumbers can run lines and dig trenches so you don’t have to! To get you started, here are 9 ideas for outdoor plumbing:

  1. Outdoor Shower 
    Installing an outdoor shower can help keep things more clean indoors, such as with tracking water from the pool or cleaning up after outdoor activities that leave you especially dirty. Showering outside cuts back on humidity and steam during the summer, too, which can be damaging to your bathroom. At Red Deer Plumb-Pro, we can install hot and cold water lines out to your shower for convenience and comfort, with shutoff valves inside to prevent freezing pipes in the winter. We can also help with designing and installing a drainage system that works for your residential plumbing needs.
  2. Outdoor Taps
    Tired of dragging your hose around your yard to water your garden or lawn? Plumb-Pro can help! Our journeyman plumbers will run a permanent plumbing pipe underground to a more convenient location for you and mount the faucet on any type of post you like.
  3. Sprinkler System
    You could simply hook together a few garden hoses, but if you want a more permanent sprinkler system or if you have need a bigger system, call Plumb-Pro to get help with buried water lines. If you want to fertilize your lawn at the same time, our journeyman plumbers are experts at back-flow prevention and cross connection control and testing.
  4. Outdoor Kitchen
    If you have an outdoor gas grill, an outdoor kitchen can simplify things and prevent you from having to run inside for water every time you need it. Plumb-Pro can help you install a whole outdoor kitchen or a standalone barbecue sink– whatever your plumbing needs are!
  5. Garden Sink
    A different type of outdoor sink is the garden sink, which can be as simplistic or as complex as you need it to be. Maybe just a tap in the middle of your yard is sufficient to collect water for your plants or maybe you want a proper sink you can use to clean your gardening equipment and wash your hands. Whatever the case, give Plumb-Pro a call for plumbing installation help.
  6. Garden Fountain
    Is there anything more relaxing than the sounds of flowing water? Having a fountain in your backyard will be the best decision you ever made. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer sun while you de-stress from work.
  7. Fish pond
    How about a fish pond to go with your fountain? Fish provide endless hours of entertainment, and as a bonus, they can help you save money and conserve water! Ponds can be re-filled with rainwater, help to lower utility costs, create a more manageable temperature in your yard, and maintain a beautiful garden through the pond’s cycle of hydration.
  8. Pool
    While pools are definitely not as common in Alberta, having one for the summer months might be the perfect luxury you are looking for! This one is a major investment, but depending on how you use your backyard, it might be worth it. Think of the pool parties and barbecues you could host!
  9. Bird Bath
    Bird baths can be great additions to your garden, and they tend to attract more kinds of birds than simple bird-feeders. Plus, they are fairly easy to install yourself, and come in lots of different styles to match the decor of your yard.
  10. Drinking fountain
    If you’ve got kids, having an outdoor fountain can help prevent them from tracking mud and dirt into the house when they need a drink. They don’t have to be expensive, either.