As we move into summer, the weather finally seems to be improving and those of us with backyards and decks turn to outdoor entertaining to make the most of the season. The only problem is that this is Alberta, and temperatures can still be unpredictable. The solution? Call Red Deer Plumb-Pro to help maximize your summer season with natural gas line installation.


  1. Natural Gas Barbecue

It’s never too soon to start cooking outdoors. Some people even endure winter temperatures to get that delicious steak on the table using quality natural gas grills that can withstand extreme outdoor temperatures. Modern barbecues are getting bigger everyday, but Plumb-Pro can help with installing a natural gas line to your barbecue so that you never run out of gas.


  1. The Outdoor Fireplace

Probably the most luxurious option on this list, the outdoor fireplace can be an attractive feature of your patio or deck that your friends and family will want to gather around. Red Deer Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gasfitters can help get this project started by installing a natural gas line today.


  1. Patio Flames

Another option for outdoor gatherings are patio flames, usually installed in centralized locations like coffee tables. Natural gas patio flames also offer elegant and modern decor options to match your outdoor space.


  1. Natural Gas Patio Campfires

Another innovative yet elegant outdoor heating design is the realistic campfires that use rock, brick, or other materials to match your patio decor. You only need to set them up once (no chopping or hauling wood required!) and they have easy on/off controls to make your life simpler.


  1. Natural Gas Convenience Outlets

Outdoor heating is nothing without natural gas outlets to help you connect and disconnect your natural gas gadgets and products without using tools. For convenience and safety, automatic shut-off valves come standard on gas convenience outlets. Call Red Deer Plumb-Pro for help installing your gas line today!