Plumbing plays a vital role in our daily lives–from running water and hot water on demand to properly functioning waste systems and heated homes, Red-Deer-Plumb-Pro-Hug-A-Plumber-Daynot to mention more recent developments that make our Canadian lives easier in winter, like hydronic heating systems, in-floor heating, radiant heating, and more.


When plumbing systems stop working, people struggle to cope, and it can take an emergency like this to make us stop taking our indoor plumbing for granted. Back in the day, people had to carry water to their homes from rivers, and the streets of cities were often foul and unsanitary, causing disease and illnesses.


Modern plumbing has done wonders for civilization and sanitation but plumbing is also hard work that requires expertise and certification. Red Deer Plumb-Pro has over 25 years experience in the industry and that’s a lot of toilets! Of course, Red Deer Plumb-Pro is much more than just a plumbing company; we also do gasfitting and hydronics. Specialty contracting like this often goes unmentioned under the general banner of “plumber” but we are no less indebted for these services than we are plumbing, that’s for sure.


“Hug a Plumber Day” encourages all of us to be more appreciative of the modern conveniences of plumbing, and the skills and ingenuity required to keep them going. So if you have an emergency plumbing situation today, give us a call and don’t forget to give us a hug!