Red Deer Plumb-Pro Patio Pool Heater Hydronics Extend Your Season

5 More Ways to Extend Your Summer Season

In case you missed the first post, click here for 5 ways to extend your outdoor season using natural gas. As we continue to experience unpredictable Alberta weather, we thought up 5 more ways to help you get the most out of your summer season using natural gas and hydronic heating systems. Red Deer Plumb-Pro specializes in new construction and renovation projects for gas fitting and hydronics, so give us a call when you’re ready to start your next project.


  1. Natural Gas Pool and Hot Tub Heater

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, consider a natural gas pool heater to extend your swimming season. These devices are less expensive than propane or electric pool heaters, and they heat water much faster, so they are more energy efficient, too.


  1. Natural Gas Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is probably the most important element to summer entertaining and keeping that party going long into the night. Natural gas lighting provides a soft glow without harsh shadows, and doesn’t attract mosquitos and bugs like electric lights.


  1. Patio heaters

You’ve probably seen them on outdoor patios at fancy restaurants, versatile patio heaters that can be placed anywhere you need a little extra heat, up to a 20 ft. radius. You can get portable versions as well as in-ground and deck-mounted units, and they come in different sizes to accommodate smaller sized decks and balconies.


  1. Heated Flooring

At Red Deer Plumb-Pro, we specialize in hydronic heating systems installations like radiant in-floor heating. Install underfloor or under slab heating in your deck or patio to get the most out of your summer season, and, as a bonus the radiant heating will keep the snow cleared in winter!


  1. Radiant Heaters

Another option for radiant heating is versatile radiant heaters. Portable electric models can be mounted and moved as needed, or you can try wall-mounted models that are more permanent and can be left out year-round.

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Red Deer Plumb Pro residential commerical bathroom plumbing renovation luxuries

Bathroom Renovation Luxury Essentials

So your bathroom is functional, but not exactly beautiful. You want an attractive spa-like bathroom where you can relax in the tub and steam away your stress. Not sure where to start? Check out Red Deer Plumb-Pro’s tips on bathroom renovation basics first, then check out our luxury renovation essentials that will take your bathroom to the next level.


  • Open concept shower. Showers that don’t require curtains or doors are the latest trend! They are also less confining and can be more elegant and relaxing with the right tile and accessory choices.
  • Showerhead. Consider a dual showerhead system for the ultimate in luxury. You can purchase a dual-function showerhead with overhead rainfall and handheld showerhead options or you can call Red Deer Plumb-Pro for help installing a dual showerhead plumbing system.
  • Soaker bathtub. Bigger, deeper bathtubs for two people are the ultimate luxury. Make sure you sit in the bathtub before you buy it– make sure the angled back and the lip are comfortable.
  • Dual sink. Another bathroom trend for master bathrooms is a dual his-and-hers sink area.
  • Underfloor heating. Warm (not freezing) tile floors are an absolute must in our unpredictable climate.
  • Found space. Consider using space between wall studs to maximize storage and save floor space. You can also install recessed cubbies in your shower to hold all your products.
  • Bigger hot water heater. If you’re considering luxury options that might use more hot water, consider replacing your current hot water heater with a more energy efficient model that is better able to handle the hot water demands.
  • Gas fireplace. Nothing beats a long soak in the tub next to a roaring fire in the middle of winter. Plumb-Pro can help install a natural gas line to your house and get you set up with a gas fireplace insert to suit your needs.


Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gasfitters and plumbers can help make your residential and commercial bathroom renovation dreams a reality, so give us a call today!

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Red Deer Plumb-Pro Patio Natural Gas Line Installation Maximize Your Season

5 Ways to Extend Your Outdoor Season Using Natural Gas

As we move into summer, the weather finally seems to be improving and those of us with backyards and decks turn to outdoor entertaining to make the most of the season. The only problem is that this is Alberta, and temperatures can still be unpredictable. The solution? Call Red Deer Plumb-Pro to help maximize your summer season with natural gas line installation.


  1. Natural Gas Barbecue

It’s never too soon to start cooking outdoors. Some people even endure winter temperatures to get that delicious steak on the table using quality natural gas grills that can withstand extreme outdoor temperatures. Modern barbecues are getting bigger everyday, but Plumb-Pro can help with installing a natural gas line to your barbecue so that you never run out of gas.


  1. The Outdoor Fireplace

Probably the most luxurious option on this list, the outdoor fireplace can be an attractive feature of your patio or deck that your friends and family will want to gather around. Red Deer Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gasfitters can help get this project started by installing a natural gas line today.


  1. Patio Flames

Another option for outdoor gatherings are patio flames, usually installed in centralized locations like coffee tables. Natural gas patio flames also offer elegant and modern decor options to match your outdoor space.


  1. Natural Gas Patio Campfires

Another innovative yet elegant outdoor heating design is the realistic campfires that use rock, brick, or other materials to match your patio decor. You only need to set them up once (no chopping or hauling wood required!) and they have easy on/off controls to make your life simpler.


  1. Natural Gas Convenience Outlets

Outdoor heating is nothing without natural gas outlets to help you connect and disconnect your natural gas gadgets and products without using tools. For convenience and safety, automatic shut-off valves come standard on gas convenience outlets. Call Red Deer Plumb-Pro for help installing your gas line today!

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Propane vs. Natural Gas: 4 Reasons to Make the Switch

When it comes to understanding the difference between propane and natural gas, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. It can be difficult to know whether making the switch from propane to natural gas is worth it in the long run, or if you should stick with what you already have. Natural gas is becoming increasingly more popular for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 4 reasons to make the switch from propane to natural gas.

1. Save Money

Making the switch to natural gas will pay off in the long run, even though conversion and connection costs can be significant because natural gas tends to be 1/6th the cost of propane, depending on where you live. Prices also tend to be more stable than propane because propane is a petroleum by-product that fluctuates with the oil industry.

 2. Convenience

Part of the reason natural gas is so much cheaper than propane is because it can be delivered more easily through pipes to your home. Red Deer Plumb-Pro can help with your gas line installation and appliance hookups, so give us a call!

3. Safe and Reliable

While both gases will explode if they find an ignition source, natural gas is lighter than air, so it will dissipate if there is a leak and it will be less likely to find that ignition source than propane. If you smell gas inside or outside of your home, call Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gas fitters for help.

4. Clean and Efficient

Both gases are considered environmentally friendly but natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel that doesn’t release as many pollutants in the air (and into your food). Also, the belief that propane gas is more “warm” than natural gas is a myth; in fact, the flame temperatures are about 3500 degrees Fahrenheit for both gases.

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Red Deer Plumb Pro Sink Repair Plumbing Journeyman Plumber

Why Should You Choose Plumb-Pro?

Ideally, you should have a ready list of contractors before you need them so you don’t have to worry about it during a crisis but there are tons of plumbing companies out there, and wading through reviews and website About Us pages takes time that you don’t have. So what should you look for and how do you choose a plumber? Here are the top four things you should look at when choosing a plumber.

How long have they been in business?

This is a good indicator of expertise and reliability. Red Deer Plumb-Pro has over 25 years of experience ranging from repairing washers on a forty-year-old faucet to installations on modulating condenser boilers, and gas and water lines, so you can call us and have peace of mind.


What is the scope of their expertise?

It’s much easier to call one company for all your hydronics, gas fitting, and plumbing needs than to mess around with a lot of different companies. Red Deer Plumb-Pro is a full service company, and we can help with any commercial or residential project, large or small.


Are their plumbers, gas fitters, and technicians certified or trained properly?

Red Deer Plumb-Pro’s hydronics installation professionals are certified in the maintenance and installation of boilers and boiler systems as well as hydronic heating systems, and our journeyman gasfitters and plumbers can take care of everything from gas lines, renovations, and furnace repair, to water lines, and leaky pipes.


Do they offer emergency response plumbing?

Plumbing emergencies don’t quit at 5, and neither does Red Deer Plumb-Pro. We’re available to help after hours during the week and on weekends as well.

Call us for all your plumbing, gasfitting, and hydronic heating needs!

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Red Deer Plumb-Pro natural gas fireplace

FAQ: Gas Fireplaces

It’s almost spring but the unpredictable weather makes us wish we had a gas fireplace. Is it worth it or do we endure for another year? Here are the most frequently asked questions about gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts to help you decide.

Q. What is a gas fireplace insert
A. A gas fireplace insert is used to convert a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace. Call Plumb-Pro to have your fireplace converted today!

Q. Can I install a gas fireplace or insert myself?
A. Always call a Plumb-Pro certified gas fitter to make sure your installation is done properly and efficiently.

Q. How much care does my gas fireplace need?
A. You should have a Plumb-Pro certified gas fitter technician clean and adjust your fireplace once a year for maximum efficiency.

Q. What is the difference between natural gas and propane?
A. Natural gas is less expensive and can produce up to 5% more heat. Natural gas also enters your home through a gas line, whereas propane must be stored outside in a tank. Call Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gas fitters about gas line installation today!

Q. What is a direct vent fireplace?
A. Direct vent fireplaces use a sealed chamber to vent directly from outside through the wall or ceiling.

Q. How efficient are gas fireplaces?
A. Gas fireplaces require minimal cleanup and need no tending, whereas wood fireplaces are messy and need constant attention.

Q. How many BTUs does my gas fireplace need to have?
A. Heat output (measured in BTUs) should depend on how big the room is, the general climate, and your house’s insulation level.

Q. Can I install a TV above a gas fireplace?
A. You should always consult the manufacturer or distributor of the TV as each TV will require different clearances.

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Living with Gas: Things You Should Know About Gas Appliances and Gas Installation

Plumb-Pro Copper Pipe and TorchHomeowners used to use coal to heat their homes, fuel their cooking appliances and heat their water. This practice has been replaced with more energy efficient fuels like natural gas. Here are the top ten tips for using or installing gas appliances in and around your home and when to call Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gas fitters for help.

  1. Natural gas has no smell, but an odorant is added before it gets piped into houses for heating. If there is a smell of gas inside or outside your home, call Plumb-Pro to have a gas fitter check your installation.
  2. If you or your family have recently developed headaches, dizziness, nausea, or weakness, it could be gas poisoning, which means that your heater isn’t working properly. Call Plumb-Pro to have a licensed gas fitter fix the problem.
  3. Pilot lights and main burners that are working properly produce a blue flame. If the flame is yellow or red it isn’t burning efficiently, call Plumb-Pro.
  4. It is a good idea to have your gas appliances serviced on a yearly basis. Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gas fitters can catch small issues before they become big problems.
  5. Don’t try to operate natural gas appliances on other types of gas. This can be extremely hazardous. If in doubt, call Plumb-Pro to have a journeyman gas fitter help.
  6. If you need any gas work inside your home, do-it-yourself is not recommended (and sometimes illegal). Without certification and proper licensing, you are limited to portable gas appliances like barbeques and patio heaters — call Plumb-Pro!
  7. All gas work undertaken at your property should have a gas certificate for safety and/or compliance filled out by the gas fitter unless the appliance is simply being cleaned out.
  8. To prevent hazards and accidents, it is a good idea to avoid build-up on your gas appliances.
  9. Always light a match or press the ignition button before turning on a gas burner. If you can’t get it to light, turn off the gas and wait for the smell to dissipate before trying again.
  10. For professional and no-nonsense heating installation of gas fireplace inserts, garage heaters, appliances, and more, call Plumb-Pro.
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