When it comes to understanding the difference between propane and natural gas, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. It can be difficult to know whether making the switch from propane to natural gas is worth it in the long run, or if you should stick with what you already have. Natural gas is becoming increasingly more popular for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 4 reasons to make the switch from propane to natural gas.

1. Save Money

Making the switch to natural gas will pay off in the long run, even though conversion and connection costs can be significant because natural gas tends to be 1/6th the cost of propane, depending on where you live. Prices also tend to be more stable than propane because propane is a petroleum by-product that fluctuates with the oil industry.

 2. Convenience

Part of the reason natural gas is so much cheaper than propane is because it can be delivered more easily through pipes to your home. Red Deer Plumb-Pro can help with your gas line installation and appliance hookups, so give us a call!

3. Safe and Reliable

While both gases will explode if they find an ignition source, natural gas is lighter than air, so it will dissipate if there is a leak and it will be less likely to find that ignition source than propane. If you smell gas inside or outside of your home, call Plumb-Pro’s journeyman gas fitters for help.

4. Clean and Efficient

Both gases are considered environmentally friendly but natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel that doesn’t release as many pollutants in the air (and into your food). Also, the belief that propane gas is more “warm” than natural gas is a myth; in fact, the flame temperatures are about 3500 degrees Fahrenheit for both gases.